Who We Are

RD Multimedia Studio is an established multifunctional media provider. The Company has been in operation for the past 3 ½ years and have expanded its services to large clientele base locally and internationally.

RD Multimedia Studios Specializes in delivering to its customer a service filled above all quality, durability, swiftness and convenience. RD Multimedia Studios prides itself as one of the leaders in its field. We provide our services with expertise, which by all means allows us to give our customers the best services possible on-site and with our multi-functional media choices.


Today’s economic trends have changed forcing many companies and individuals to downsize or reorganize their potential to gain recognition within the market in order to meet their bottom line goals. We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee to realize the highest net dollar from their assets.

The method of multifunctional media is our expertise, and we emphasize this method for all our clients. If you, or your company, have been thinking of downsizing we would like to meet with you to discuss your future objectives and how our services may be of help in obtaining your over all goals.


What We Do

RD Multimedia Studios is the one stop shop that delivers on its promise to its clients a multifunctional media solution to help reach the goals intended.


Some of our services includes;

  • Motion Graphics (Video boards)
  • Video Shoots, Music Video Production
  • Full Page Newspaper Ad, Half Page Newspaper Ad, Quarter Page Newspaper Ad
  • Identity Design (Logo)
  • Illustration (Mixed Media, Digital)
  • Album Packaging Design
  • Brochures, Flyers, Posters
  • T-Shirts (Transfer or Screen print)
  • Websites Development (All info Access/Particulars) *Social Media Creative (misc formats)
  • *Location 3D display of branding
  • *Feather Banners* Standing Signs, Lit Signs
  • Staging and lighting
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Billboards
  • Digital Photography
  • Promotions
  • Artiste Booking/Public Relation
  • E-Magazines, plus much more…

Our Team

Senior Service Advisor
Kevin Hylton, Ph.D.

Creative Director and Visual/ Multimedia Artist, Raul ‘Bones’ Dunkley has 28 years experience of which 18 professionally. For several years this experience has been a catalyst in aiding many start-up and upgrading companies, small business and individuals achieve their goals thus cementing a firm incessant business relationship also referrals due to consultation, team harmony, vision and practical employment of creative skill assets to accomplish miscellaneous advertising campaigns locally and globally.

Marketing and Sales

Upon networking a select individual will represent as to your enquires, please use the CONTACT-FORM to initiate as to your request.